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Vaastu Consultancy

The science of construction, Vastu has been the guiding principle for construction since the early Vedic period. The term Vastu has been derived from the term ‘Vasa’, which means abode. Therefore the very origin of a science which deals with the basic and important need of constructing should be dealt as a knowledge providing principle than mere ceremony. The efficacy of construction had been followed ever since the civilization started and man felt the need to build homes. The Shastra and the Puranas are evident of the facts.

We often overlook the principles of this ancient science when carrying out constructions according to our modern day requirements. These aversions take a toll in the long run, non-development of business, people falling sick in the family or constant psychological stress can also be because of the Vastu defects in your home or office.

Astrology Consultancy

It is not easy to find an authentic astrologer who practices Indian Astrology with the dignity, honesty, and respect it deserves. Astrology is an ancient science, often mistaken and at times deliberately presented, as some form of mystic power or related to super natural elements. It has always been based on pure mathematical and scientific calculations and theories. It is a science which has strong links with the astronomy and hence the similarity in their names, ‘astro’ signifying stars or other celestial bodies.

There are no universally accepted qualifications for an astrologer. The only way an astrologer can be deemed credible is by the results he has achieved in practice, his successful experience and hard-earned reputation. Moreover, there is no exact scale to measure success, because it is always relative (differs from person to person).

Corporate Identity

Constant loss in business or stagnancy in trade, we often ward off these problems by calling these commercial ups and downs. But often recovering from these circumstances seems unmanageable. You need someone in this scenario to show you the guiding light. Someone who can advise and educate you on issues which unfavourably affect all the hard work you put into your work.

Companies often underestimate the difference created by a Vastu compliant logo, stationery, website, selecting and constructing office spaces, warehouses etc. Applying the laws of vastu and astrology to business can not only lead you to success, but also balance creativity, pragmatism and aesthetics. Dr. Prem Gupta counsels you on the various topics that you might have neglected when starting your business and shows you the scope for definite improvement.

Numerology Analysis

Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians like Pythagoras. Today, it is no longer considered a part of mathematics, but regarded as pseudo-mathematics by modern scientists. This conjecture is similar to the relationships between astrology and astronomy, and alchemy and chemistry. Numerology is often associated as a practice alongside astrology, and similar divinatory arts.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the Chinese version of vaastu is supposed to be 4000 yrs old. Feng Shui comprises of two words Feng pronounced as 'Foong' meaning wind and Shui pronounced as 'shway' meaning water. Of two Schools of Feng Shui, the Compass school is particular about direction and guides what should exist in which direction, and the other Farm School is not particular about direction.

According to Feng Shui Yin & Yang are basic components of universe and or responsible for creation and sustenance of all objects-living/Non-living. Chi is the force produced due to the interaction of Yin and Yang.Feng Shui believes with the manipulation of landscape we can get the best and balanced form of Chi.


Pyramids have been an integral part of the Egyptian and Mayan cultures. The word PYRAMID is made from combination of PYRA & MID, PYRA comes from the Greek word PIROS that means fire, while MID means the central point. It is a self explanatory term which means any object or mass that has concentration of energy (Fire) at its center. Geometric Energy of pyramid has been used by most enlightened societies around the world. Temples, churches, mosques, and pagodas, have a Pyramid shaped structure atop.

The Pyramid geometry(Pyramidology) attracts all energy particles from the surrounding. The dome geometry stores the energy force field. All the religious buildings are built with Pyramid and Dome synthesis. Temples have a `shikhar' - Church has a steeple - Mosques and Pagodas have a cone shaped minaret or roof. When you enter the premises of the building, at once you are overwhelmed, by the unique, soothing environment.

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Born in a renowned business family Aacharya Vinay Singal is a luminary in many fields. Aacharya Vinay Singal was intiated into spritualism by Late Swami Inhwar Das Ji Maharaj in 1983.

He developed keen interest in various facets of vedanta, Palmistry & Astrology during the college life and sharpened the same by deep study, research and through the blessings of saints.

His guru Swami Ishwar Das Ji Maharaj in 1983, adviced him to make some building correction the said factory and after making those correction the said factory started giving very good results any interruotion.

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